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Be A Creative Genius with These 5 Tips

Being a creative genius is a unique concept that can’t be measured with the standard IQ test. It is estimated by two subjective parameters which are – production and perception of things.

To be a creative genius, you need to have a lofty perception of what the world should be like in your head/cognition; example – what type of songs are in that world then you find a way to create/recreate it in this world. You are constantly drawing inspiration from an imaginary world of possibilities.

While there is much already said on creative production, very little attention is given to conception. So, here are some simple practical steps to being a creative genius through conception:

  1. Always create new pathways – Very often as adults, we live in patterns, dress in patterns, eat in patterns, communicate and consume in tribes. Break out! Learn something new, read something weird, challenge your routine.
  2. Find the golden ratio of things – So you know how one fundamental principle in finance, is in another form in marketing, retail, hospitality? Industries are complicated in unique ways. Always try to think about industries and the similar principles that govern them, so you can use solutions in an industry for diverse things in several sectors.
  3. Save processing power from insignificant stuff – You will notice that most creative people don’t bother dressing well, eating right or doing some basic stuff. These things need you to be intentional and being intentional takes brain power. While it’s good to do these things, try to make your life simple and concentrate on executing your imagination. Cut down the insignificant things to what is only required.
  4. Be a crafty – Trends are in cycles, so you can always study the pattern, go ahead of the trend and rework it as a futuristic mind or “trendsetter”.
  5. Mastery – When you have chosen your craft, keep doing it, keep reading about it, keep talking to people about it… you’ll just grow a capacity, have deeper insight and your production will be effortlessly genius.

With all these go forth and prosper!

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