Are Content Curators the power behind social media influence?

Neicole Crepeau from Coherent Interactive talks about influencers on the web. She explains:

Are you overlooking some of the most powerful influencers on the social web? Let’s find out.

Traditionally, there has been a 1-9-90 rule when it come to creating and consuming content: 1-9-90 Rule as a Pyramid

There’s a new element in this equation, though: Content Curators — people who make a practice of finding content relevant to their friends and followers, and then sharing links to that content. I am making a distinction between a curator and an aggregator who pulls content from around the web, usually related to a specific topic, to display on websites generally to enhance search engine optimization.

Of course, we’re all curators to some extent, consuming content and, on occasion, sharing what we find interesting or entertaining. However, there is an elite subset of people who proactively seek out and share content. I know, because I’m one of them. I comb through blogs and articles on an almost daily basis, and share what I consider to be the best and most relevant mobile, social media, and online marketing news to my followers on Twitter. Read the full story here.


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