New Venture Seeks to Make DRTV Products More Like Impulse Buys

It’s about to get much easier to buy such things as Yoshii Blades, Snuggies and Shake Weights.

Direct-response marketer TVGoods, fresh off last week’s acquisition of direct-response megasite, is partnering with Delivery Agent to launch a system that later this year will let people in 20 million U.S. households buy products pitched on infomercials with a click of their TV remotes, without having to head to their computers or deal with telephone operators standing by.

In some cases, they’ll also be able to buy stuff they see on regular programming — say the sweater a character on a TV show is wearing — the same way as when they get a pitch to do so via ads overlaid on the bottom third of their screens.

Those in other households will also potentially be able to buy direct-response products without leaving their couches, just by holding up iPhones or Android devices to catch the sound of an infomercial. Essentially using a direct-response advertising equivalent of Shazam, the app should recognize the ad and take shoppers to a checkout screen, said Mike Fitzsimmons, CEO of Delivery Agent.

Read the full story here.

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