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These 10 Companies Control Enormous Number Of Consumer Brands

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Adobe releases a new update….AGAIN!!

Adobe Creative Suite needs no introduction: we all use it, and we all desperately try to keep up with their upgrades and their rising price tags. This week Adobe launched its latest version, CS6, which includes a whopping 19 applications and is divided in four main suites. Like its predecessors, CS4 and CS5, the packaging […]

Coca-Cola Aluminium Recycle Concept

Coca-Cola Aluminium Recycle Concept by Philippe Bordonado “The Trademark Coca-Cola Classic is the property of The Coca-Cola Company. This design is only a conceptual idea and is not intended to be a copyright infringement. It will not be duplicated or used for commercial purposes.” Designed by Philippe Bordonado Source

Watch All Super Bowl 2012 Commercials Here

Ad Age has gathered all of the spots that ran nationally during the game (excluding pre-game, post-game and halftime) in one place. Click here to view them. Enjoy!

Career of Steve Jobs, Compressed Into a 2-Minute Animation

Here’s a condensed view of the illustrious career of Steve Jobs, with a healthy dose of humorous commentary and Star Wars goofiness sprinkled in just for fun. It takes you from the early days of hippie Jobs all the way up to the present day, where he’s passed the baton along to newly minted CEO […]

Adobe: Muse

Website creation could get a whole lot more exciting with Muse, new software currently in beta from Adobe. Muse (which is just a code name at present) promises to let users ‘create websites as easily as you can create layouts for print’. Essentially, it allows design and publishing of HTML websites without writing code or […]

Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular

What do you call 20 sensory-overloaded minutes fashioned out of 60+ dancers, an original visual program created by Daft Punk’s light designers, a new pop symphony from one-half of N.A.S.A., and over 155 rooms of New York’s Standard hotel? You could start with “Spectacular,” but even that seems limiting.

Spartan Goes To College In New Microsoft Halo Ad

Client: Microsoft Product: Halo Spots: “Halo Graduation,” “Halo Tour” Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Boulder, Colo. Associate Creative Director: Andrew Lincoln, Matt Talbot Copywriter: Matt Talbot Art Director: Andrew Lincoln Executive Integrated Agency Producer: Tony Tung Producer: Sloan Schroeder

Absolut ‘Absolut Blank’ by The Absolut Company

Absolut Vodka has launched a creative marketing campaign that will bring together emerging artists from across the globe. The Absolut Blank initiative which launches on July 20, comprises of 18 artist collaborations, from different disciplines including; drawing, painting, sculpting, print making, film making and digital art. An outline of the vodka bottle is make into […]

Joseph Pierce: A Family Portrait…Awesome!

A Family Portrait from Joseph Pierce on Vimeo. After a lengthy festival run, Joseph Pierce‘s A Family Portrait makes its online debut, presented by the hardworking fellows over at Short of the Week. It’s an awkward, uncomfortable moment with a family collapsing at the seams under the photographer’s (and our) eyes. The surreal play on […]