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Content’s Race Against Time

An image showing how long content on each social platform lasts

We live in a time of more information but knowledge is sparse, and many suspect that it’s happening because content in the digital sphere is saturated and watered down for its assumed lower attention audience. This is understandable because everyone wants your attention on the internet and worthwhile social networks are limited. So, each social media platform has an average time content stays visible on the timeline.

Twitter – 18 minutes

This microblogging social media network has a lot of users expressing themselves overly and overtly. So, when you post content, it has a relevance time of about 18 minutes, but if you have attained some level of influence, it could move up to a solid 5 hours.

Facebook – 5 hours

This more relationship-based network has a 5-hour content life for personal account and for a business page it is lower.

Instagram – 21 hours

The picture-based platform is like the sister of Twitter but with more visual outlook in regards to pictures. It is seamless and easily immersible which makes it a playground minus the advertainments and the occasional X-rated picture you were never warned about. But 21 hours is about right!

LinkedIn – 24 hours

This is the business and professional platform where professionals connect. Here, content shows up on the timeline for as long as 24 hours. With the B2B model, the incremental bulge of startups and small businesses content is promoted but with really low reactions and impressions.

YouTube – 20+ days

If you can imagine Instagram as the sister of Twitter that is more inclined visually, then YouTube is the distant cousin who is a well-known drama act. This platform is rich with diverse content from different visual story tellers.

Do you know that 300 hours of content are uploaded every hour on YouTube?

This knowledge is to help manage expectations from social media with personal content or a business page, thus the needs to create more meaningful content with amazing visuals and copy for the target audience.
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Source: Mamsys IT Service Company

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