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The Creative Process at Creative Studios

For every creation made, there is a process; a creative process.

What is a creative process? It is a series of actions carried out to achieve a particular creative result or a visible body of work. Edwards Deming once said, “if you cannot describe what you are doing as a process, you do not know what you are doing.”

So, for every movie released, someone or some group has to have conceived the idea, written scripts and pitched, filmed, edited, previewed and reviewed before it got to us. The journey from the original idea to the final product is the creative process.

Everything worthwhile done by beings takes a process, and most of the process is linear. Here at Creative Studios, we have a usual process that has worked tremendously for us. But as our Creative Director says, “Well, guys… These things are never set in stone. We are constantly evolving and adapting”.

That being said, this is our process, this is us.


The first stage is to get the brief ‒ we really can’t wait to get into those briefs!

Management then presents it to the house, simultaneously breaking it down into simpler blocks, while picking out every obvious and underlying detail; because many of these brief languages can be weird, unnecessarily grandiose or misleading.


We then divide into teams (after all too many cooks spoil the soup) but at the same time, all hands have to be on deck because we never joke with our core value, “Ownership”. Essentially, we break up into three teams for every project.

  • brain trust team
  • art team
  • red team

The brain trust team deals with strategy, planning etc. They research and show what can be delivered to the particular demography, within a specified time frame.

The art team comes up with the directions for the design, development, multimedia deliverables etc. alongside the content developers and copywriters who come up with content that will match the visuals, together telling a compelling story.


The next stage is the evaluation stage. There are two phases to this:

Evaluation done by the Management: where they give constructive criticism, feedback, etc.… And forge a better road for improved work.

Evaluation done by the Red team: the red team consists of people who were not part of the project team. They give a fresh perspective of thinking. They try to represent the client/users and tackle the presentation to see if it is waterproof. They often represent the demographics of our target audience (they are our buddies/teammates until they get into this zone).


Based on the critique(s) by the management and red team, we may go back, rework the ideas and come up with new and/or modified plans (we are badass like that). We package the deliverables for the clients, meet again, look at the finished work, and then decide if we are good to go. To quote our Client Services Manager “Umm, well guys, when there is an error or a typo, it speaks ill of our brand… Distinctive delivery should be our watchword. We’re better than these guys!”


At this stage, we send the deliverables to our client, and sometimes they would want to meet and talk about the work more extensively, and most likely set the ball rolling. We meet with them, have a chat, shake hands and set it all in motion.


This is the best part of the whole process. We can call it the acknowledgment stage. This is after the entire brouhaha. We high five and feast like kings, toasting our drinks to a job well done. We eat, drink and dance Shaku Shaku. After all, all work and no play…(complete the rest yourself).  We do this simply because we can, and it is a great way to unwind.

We are one of the most committed bunches you will ever meet in a lifetime. It is a miracle that we all work together. We get a brief, tear it apart; work and rework and rework it till we get a “wow reaction” from the client.

Do you have a gig for us? Send us a mail! We’d be glad to help.

Do you think you would work well with this team of amazing, weird and creative people? Shoot us a mail too.

In the meantime, check us out on social media to get a glimpse of our craziness process.

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