June 14, 2018 CreativeStudios

Creatives and the Battle of being Consistent

Let’s be factual. Consistency is hard… Really hard.

Yet, Jerry West went on to say, “You don’t get much done if you only work on days when you feel like it.” He’s right.

Earlier this week at the studios, we had this conversation about how top Nigerian creatives, comedians precisely have stopped being entertaining.

Truth is, they’re losing in the consistency game.

Playing a 45-minutes game could be exhilarating at first but then moving to the next 45-minutes require more than determination. It craves consistency!

That’s where the blood, sweat and pain begin to surface. That’s when the ability to come up with fresh ideas needs to be enforced in full gear.

And honestly, we can’t rule out the fact of how productive it eventually turns out.

Creatives spend quality time churning out content for their readers and viewers and on certain days, they are on their all-time high. On other days, it’s an all-time low.

Writers develop writers block.
Photographers sometimes don’t get the right camera angle.
Vloggers idea tanks often run dry.
Artists lose inspiration.
The list is endless. . .

The battle for consistency is a daily one. You need to keep winning as often as you can.


Because as a ‘creative’ in the digital space, your inconsistency is obvious to the world. You leave your YouTube channel, Instagram page or blog idle for a week and you receive countless messages asking if you’re still ALIVE – especially when you create good content.

That’s little compared to the critical despondence of losing your audience who are loyal to your brand and vital to your business success. In the short period of your inconsistency, brands and businesses that have taken upon consistency could attract your followers and ruin your digital presence.It’s high time you took consistency seriously. It can be the game-changing attitude to grow your business, talent or creativity,

Have you ever been lost on the battleground of inconsistency?

Or you probably haven’t had an experience yet?

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