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How to Handle Social Media Trolls

The web is full of texts, images, videos, robots and also humans – the good, the bad and the ugly. With the rapid growth in digital media, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have turned out to be effective tools for brands and businesses in the social media space.

One of the absurdities of social media platforms are trolls. Trolls are people who provoke others chiefly on the internet for their own personal amusement or to cause disruption.

There are several ways to prevent trolls from ruining your online presence. Most especially for brands and businesses, it is important that they are skilled in handling social trolls for sustainability reasons.

  1. Reply with Facts:

One way to win over social trolls is to ‘fight’ back with facts. Trolls find the easiest way to attack by bringing up false statements and one way to win over this is to reply by telling them the facts. This way, you tend to nullify their troll behavior and your followers have more trust in you.

  1. Prepare a Proper Response:

When trolls bask in your comment section, you may be forced to run off at a tangent and begin spewing words that are not brand-worthy. This could result in loss of credibility and potential customers. Therefore, always have a planned out response to troll comments. Remember, your aim is to handle the situation with care.

  1. Understand Why Trolls Exist:

It’s often advisable to not face problems head-on if you don’t understand why they exist. Trolls are people who are seeking attention or bored and want to pass time. Once you have this understanding, you know how to face the problem squarely. Knowing why you happen to be a target will better position you to take proper action.

  1. Fight Back with Honour:

Troll comments on your posts can turn out to be the perfect opportunity to skyrocket your engagement. That’s right! Negative comments from trolls could even help grow your followers but only if you respond back with honour. Epic responses can grow your brand and business if utilized properly.

  1. Block or Ban when Appropriate:

We’ll be frank here. You can’t win all. You win some, you lose some. But why wait to lose? Once you notice the heat of a troll in your comments, one of the best things you can do is block them out. Although, this is not often advisable for brand credibility but when push comes to shove, you resort to use its power.

So when next a troll visits you, do well to put any of these into good use.

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