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Humans Of Creative Studios

HOCS gives you an opportunity to connect with everyone here at Creative Studios, get in our personal space and know us beyond our appearance.

Welcome on board!


A good listener with a heart for perfection, his bright smile captures how jovial he is and like an alter-ego, his seriousness evolves when need be. A loyalist to brands with a special love for Helvetica and grid lines. His catchphrase is “Make it work”.


A story on her own, a woman who has scaled through the hurdles of life excellently. How detailed she gets can make you question your knowledge about things you already know. A good conversationalist with a warm heart.


Young at heart and excellent at what he does. When work gets tough, his antidote is tech, he literally drinks and eats tech (LOL). However, his persistence to work is worthy of emulation.


His attitude to work can be captured in 3 C’s: cool, calm and collected. His intelligence plays out in all he does. He is very interesting as you’d never want to skip having a conversation with him but hold on tight, you just might get knocked off the table.

SAMUEL (Father Fab)

A lover of artistry, his commitment and dedication earn him a medal of expertise. His diligence and down-to-earth nature make him someone you can rely on. He is that kid on the block who always crosses his ‘t’s and dots his ‘i’s.


A brave lady with a lot of abilities. Usually, you’ll find her in her quiet zone with earphones on. She is the voice of reason and has a soft spot in the heart of many. She has a weird habit of naming and personalizing her stuff.


A lady who is true to herself and loves improvement. Do what you ought to do right and earn yourself a warm treat from her and if you don’t……. you know what to expect.


A man of passion and dedication. He appears to be a ‘hard guy’ but on the inside he is gooey, as long as you are patient enough. He is full of so much energy and is unsurprisingly a sports enthusiast. His catchphrase? “Your problem is bigger than my own.”


A caring lady who has learned to build herself and keeps building. Independent in nature and really good at what she does. “A ride or die” gal you would want to have on your side.


An egalitarian with interesting opinions; she is smart and never afraid to speak her mind. She forms ‘hard girl’ but nah! She’s quite soft. Not easily convinced though. Knowledgeable at what she does and delivers excellently.


He is very observant. A lover of knowledge, music and a great company, with empathy for humanity. His humor?  Smart and raw. He has great (mostly weird) ideas to table down and a unique approach to work.


A sweet guy who knows his onions. He’s not afraid to acknowledge the strength of others. A foodie who is jovial and quite involved in people’s lives.


A mystery who keeps unfolding, you think you’ve known enough till you hear her switch to French. She is a fashionable lady with a contagious laugh. Her attitude to work‒ very focused.


Dami is a peacemaker and fun person. He has a lot of conspiracy theories and is paranoid about many things. He can be transparent at times and really secretive at others.


A man of few words and volume, he is a wise one whom you would want to confide in. He is very reserved and loves to bring his A game on. He has a quiet strength that makes him your “go-to” guy.


He is a true case study, so be prepared to sit the whole night trying to unravel this mystery. Miracle is very critical, never get into an argument unless you’re ready to die there. He loves to go beyond his self-esteem and has a weird, infectious (sometimes annoying) laughter.


She has a childlike personality that is very refreshing especially when the claws are out. A willing learner, she is never afraid to ask questions and her presence lights up the room. Her favorite things include the camera, movies and anything with sugar in it.

MAYOWA (Mayor)

A guy with a good heart. He is constantly telling epic street stories, reflecting on human nature and traditional wisdom. For him though, dancing is herculean. He’s a football enthusiast.


‘Dayo is a die-hard football fan. He bubbles with enthusiasm and one of his favourite things to talk about is his family. Engaging him in conversations is a delight and he overflows with intelligence.


Titi is one of those power puff girls you get when you mix creativity with profound intelligence and excessive (but latent) energy. She’s a dork with a mysterious air about her.


Thoughtful and quiet, Stephen is attentive to his work. He loves music and his playlist is very loaded. Despite his quietness, he’s not afraid to speak the truth and engage in conversations when need be.


We’re an amazing bunch, right? This is why there is never a dull moment at the Cave because everyone is so great and unique in their way. We make a great team!

In the meantime, you can catch up with us and our craziness work on social media.

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