July 20, 2018 CreativeStudios

For the Love of Design

Design has evolved over time; from the days of hieroglyphic illustrations on rolls of papyrus, through sacred writings on ancient manuscripts to date. Design dominates every space — both online and offline. Billboards, buses, road banners, website banners, newsletters and online content all incorporate designs.

Take a look around you, spot the closest designed elements and examine it closely. Assuredly, it wasn’t designed randomly. An entire process saw it come to reality. The colors, symbols, texts, font type, font size were all birthed into reality by an intentional designer.

Often times, we go through the day without realizing the variety of colors our eyes have to decipher; the amount of text our brains process unconsciously or the number of images caught in our line of sight.

Design truly becomes powerful when as a designer, you take intentional actions to their minute details.

Next time you are out and about, on the paved or digital streets, pay attention to the images and designs you come across and soon, you will begin to appreciate creativity and design for what they truly are.

Design has come a long way and it’s only just the beginning.

How have you connected with the world of designs?

Let us know in the comment section.

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