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About Us.

We are a creative agency located in Lagos.
We are focused on design, consulting, and technology. We’ve been building unique products, platforms, and experiences since 2009. We are a diverse team of creatives from various backgrounds with a shared desire to build the best user experiences and provide our clients a compelling return on investment.

About Brooklyn
Great things in business are never
done by one person. They’re done by
a team of people
Steve Jobs
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Our Services.

Creative Studios is a design and marketing communications agency offering a full range of advertising, marketing and interactive solutions. With a diverse group of clients, Creative Studios works across all types of media. Every concept we create is aimed at advancing your brand and strengthening your presence in the market place.

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Web Design, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Email Marketing.

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Naming, Strategy, Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Package Design, Collateral Design



Print, Online, Mobile, Outdoor, Radio, Production, Sound Design

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Animation, Infographics, Explainer Videos

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