May 4, 2018 CreativeStudios

“Social Media Marketing: The movie” – What we learnt

Yesterday was a fun day at the office. First, it was Sam’s birthday and we had cake, drinks, music, and some (almost) “shaku shaku” moves.

After having all that fun, we went on to watch a documentary in our cool conference room. The documentary, “Social Media Marketing: The movie” helped us to understand the power of social media marketing for business. The documentary featured major players like Jay Baer, Brenda Ster, Mari Smith, Sue Zimmerman, Joel Comm, Viveka von Rosen, Leslie Samuel, and Amy Landino.

It was indeed very enlightening and interesting, and it would be unfair not to share what we learned with you. Here are a few points we took home;

  1. Use your social media platforms for customer service.
  2. Have a set strategy for what you share on your platforms – when are you posting, why are you posting and for whom.
  3. Treat social media platforms as a TV show going on air; schedule, great ratings, and think of every content before posting.
  4. Know who you are trying to reach; their interest and passions, and share relevant information to them for free.
  5. Invest in paid ads. The future of social media is paid- it’s efficient, trackable and you can measure your ROI.
  6. Don’t try too hard to sell your products/services. Have a relationship with your audience; social first, then media and marketing comes last.
  7. The most important metrics for YouTube are retention and watch time.
  8. To go viral on Twitter, share a compelling story that people will want to retell.
  9. Take a look at your metrics weekly to know what works for your platform and business.
  10. And of course, video is the future!

Oh yes, we also heard something that shocked us. Domains were once free! Free! Can someone take us back to those days, please? Lol.

Which of these points did you find interesting?

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