May 18, 2018 CreativeStudios

Using Colors Effectively for Spaces

The entire Creative Studios team got engaged in the topic of colours yesterday as one of our art directors, Samuel Jesulowo spoke to us on a knowledge sharing session on how to use colours effectively for spaces.

Colours are everywhere – up in the sky, the trees, schools, cafes, workplaces, malls and on you.

Colours are powerful and evoke emotion and communication. It’s been traced to be tied to religious, cultural, political and social influences.

Do you happen to be selective about colours of clothes you wear or perhaps you are indifferent?

Regardless of the reason a colour is being picked, here are three (3) tips to consider when choosing colours for a space:

  1. Take a picture of the room:

This is where the thought process comes in.

How often will you use the room?

What times of the day and what activities will take place in the room?

  1. Watch out for lighting:

How illuminative is the room?

If it has little or no ambient light, then make sure to provide enough artificial light.

  1. Determine how big the room is.

On the one hand, you don’t want to use dark or warm colours as they make the room look smaller.

On the other hand, bright colours give a room the feeling of more space.

 Colour Facts

  1. The world’s most popular colour is blue
  2. Red is the first colour a baby sees
  3. Royal purple was gotten from sail-fish
  4. Red dye is made from insects
  5. Pink helps against anger management issues
  6. White cars have less accidents
  7. Yellow + Red = Hungry
  8. A law once prohibited the use of colours
  9. Red lights help soothe chickens

What’s your best colour?

Let’s know in the comments.

Ours is blue!

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