September 21, 2018 CreativeStudios

What does it mean to be a ‘Creative’?

Albert Einstein once said that creativity is intelligence having fun. Which is true because being creative /Adjective/ is a heavily cerebral process which involves innate intelligence and openness to external stimuli at different strata, popularly known as inspiration.

Overtime in context, society has replaced the cerebral process and cognitive crunching for tools mastery. Creative people are quizzed on the number of tools they can use and proficiency level, which is understandable because creative concept without execution is like a beautiful girl in the dark

This trend is growing, where coders talk more about languages and platforms. Designers argue CorelDRAW and Photoshop comfort level, Musicians debate software, instrument and synthesizers, photographers brag about the cameras they use, artists finesse paint over pen illustrations and the list goes on and on. Maybe that is why clients are comfortable negotiating fees according to tools and added-packaging.

The levels of plagiarism and sampling are at an all-time high, because we have replaced the external stimuli to external form that where we can manipulate an existing work to a debatable form from its original form and “NOTHING IS ORIGINAL THESE DAYS” is our defense, which is debatably true but are we pushing the boundaries and opening ourselves to the cosmically enchaining elements of creativity and wonder?

This is not to attack the tribe of creatives but to bring to light this growing cancer in the field stress the need for balance in terms of tools proficiency and the mental discovery process, the need to explore, create, be futuristic, to make unusual mistakes, drop jaws, poke the status quo and paint a better world for the coming generation.

Having the skills and being proficient at it would just as well complete the process as an element but is not Big daddy overall.

At creative studios, we are constantly mastering tools and exploring the ethos of principles, birthing original ideas and constantly curious about possibilities while having fun.

We are Creative Studios…the new wave of creatives/Noun/.

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