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What your Social Media Account should look like [Brands Edition]

The world has gone digital.

We communicate and advance through technology and digital means. No one can imagine a future without technology.

Social media is how we converse these days, we form bonds online, we buy and sell, we meet the love of our lives and more.

Brands and businesses need to be a part of that community. They do that by having an active social media account and creating a connection with their audience.

Being on social media as a brand is the in-thing [😎]. These are some need-to-know on how to build your social media presence for awareness, brand communication, and conversion. We have summed it up into an acronym   TEECHY – Tone. Education. Engagement. Caption. Holidays. Youthfulness.

  1. Tone – Every social media page should have a consistent tone which is a function of the brand positioning. Consumers appreciate hearing about special deals and products, but it’s also important that the personality of the brand is well expressed across all the social media platforms. It can as well stand as a distinguishing feature from every other brand. Some accounts and brands tones are humorous, caring, stiff, classist and more.


  1. Education – Brands need to educate their audience and potential customers on their business, industry, and lingua. The social media page should include educative contents and insights on the products/services the brand offers. Making use of myths, tips or recipes and a lot more helps build familiarity and recognition. This would go a long way in encouraging sales and loyalty.


  1. Engagement – Why should a person like a picture of a car, shoe or any product you want to promote? Have engaging posts that explore your audience’s and the business’ interests while you are promoting the utility, lifestyle and cultural value of that product. It’s okay to jump on trends related to your brand’s focus.


  1. Captions – Break your caption into 3 parts.
  • The part you see before you hit […more] – It is to be crafted like a click bait, a clever one-liner, so they want to read the full caption and get the full message.
  • The core literature – This is where you explain further.
  • The hashtags – It is advisable to use enough hashtags when you are growing an Instagram and Facebook account, so dedicate the last bit to all these hashtags. Do your research on hashtags and try to vary them.


  1. Holidays – Regard your target audience’s holidays, celebrations and trends. Care for what your audience/consumers care for, it shows you are interested in them too and you are not all about making the money or name. They are also a great way to communicate values/principles that are important to the brand.


  1. Youthfulness –Social media is a very youthful ground especially Instagram and twitter looking at core interests and conversation. So, for effective engagement, talk and post to them in their language and interests.


These things are very simple but not necessarily easy to implement. It is best to have a social media or marketing team to help you run your account, or you can reach out us and we’ll be glad to help.

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