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Have you noticed that your email database has reduced over the years? Here’s probably why; email marketing database degrades by about 22.5% every year

Your contacts’ email addresses change as they move from one company to another, opt-out of your email communication, or abandon that email address they only use to fill out forms on websites.

The email newsletter remains the most impactful channel for reaching your audience. But growing that list can be a daunting task.

Ascend2, a research-based marketing firm, tackled this question in its annual email list growth survey.

Below is a look at the most effective tactics, as chosen by 255 marketing influencers;

If you’re not working on building your email list already, or you’ve ran out of ideas on how to do so, here are 3 top ways to grow that email list.

Social media advertising

  • Drive consumers to a newsletter subscription page with a strong call to action.

Make use of your social media platforms, plan strong and catchy ads that will capture the attention of your target audience. Ads that lead people to directly subscribe to your newsletter, converts well as long as they are unambiguous and promise not to flood the inbox. For example; Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to find out the secrets to owning a successful blog or Get fit in 30 days, discover the best fat-burning workouts and recipes by signing up to our weekly newsletter.

  • Link audience to a post optimized for email acquisition

Take your most exciting content, optimize your site with a strong email acquisition widget that gives people the option of opting into your list.

Content marketing

What gets people to sign up for your email list? The promise of value. This could range from coupons, social media contests, and free offers. Apart from these, your content is the first thing that makes or mars your newsletter. With your content, your user will choose to either stay or close the widget. Your content has to be compelling; information that will help people do their jobs better or live a more fulfilling life.

Ensure that the content links back to your audience personas. If your content addresses the skill gaps and needs of your buyers, people will be much more likely to see you as the best.

According to Contently co-founder, Shane Snow, “the competition for consumer attention has never been fiercer, brands need to start creating incredible content or else consumers are going to time out completely”.

Search Engine optimization

Readers who come from search are the most interested compared to other channels. These people are looking for ways to solve a problem and they are eager and happy to sign up for a free resource that provides them with solutions.

You have to ensure your articles and subscription pages are optimized for your target keywords.

All these are easier said than done. However, you must remember the most effective is your content. Interesting content relevant to your target audience makes everything easier.


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