November 10, 2017 CreativeStudios

A year at Creative Studios

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Hello, I’m Rita. And today makes it one year since I started working at Creative Studios, as a Content Developer. Wow… Time flies!

Exactly one year ago, I was ushered in through the doors of Creative Studios. I still remember how nervous and excited I was, as I walked through the corridor leading to the main office. Mixed feelings indeed.

Coincidentally, Creative Studios’ office was officially opened the previous month, on the 31st of October, 2016. We are anniversary mates! That’s a thing right?

Well, here are a few things that make Creative Studios an awesome place to work at;

GROWTH: It is beautiful to have watched Creative Studios grow from having only three creative souls in a small corner office, to having over 10 of the best creatives in the coolest office space.

Apart from how much we’ve grown, Creative Studios allows for career growth. The Creative Director encourages staff to pursue their professional goals, and challenges us to come up with innovative ideas for the company and clients.

Knowing that I’m allowed to grow at work gives me confidence that I can achieve beyond my job description. We attend trainings, agency related events, and even organize knowledge sharing sessions in-house.

Note: Helping your employees grow will ultimately help the organization grow.

TEAM: One thing I love about Creative Studios is that all the people I work with are passionate about what they do. From the graphics guys to the strategists, the content developers, client relations officers, office managers, and the interns too, I tip my hat to them all.

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At the opening of our new office space

I know I’m beginning to sound annoying with all my positivity, but I’m being sincere. I work with the smartest set of people in the creative industry.

When we come together for brainstorming sessions, it’s a great experience. Everyone comes with their diverse opinions and ideas, that produces (at the end of the day), massive hits back to back and makes clients happy.

FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT: The camaraderie, atmosphere and friendships are absolutely what makes going to the office fun. We argue about the most ridiculous things.

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At the ArtXLagos event

Once in a month, we either go out to see a movie, visit the gym or pick a spot to visit, this has helped to bring the team closer.

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Our big smiles after watching Wonder woman

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Fun moments at the gym

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At TechPlus 2017

Adding to the fact that we have the coolest office! Between the lounge area, the graffiti-themed workspace, colorful reception, and motivational meeting room, it’s a pretty fun place to be.


Every day is different. One day, I could be researching/brainstorming on brand names for a leasing firm, the next day I’d be planning an online campaign for a retail business. This keeps me on my feet and broadens my knowledge of different sectors/industries.

It’s been an exceptional year indeed, we moved, our clients list doubled, revenue increased. Through the ups and downs (and there have been plenty of both), we still stand strong, thanks to the best team.

To our clients, thank you for this special year of warmth, and support.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped Creative Studios grow over the years. We’d be nothing without you.

Here’s to a great start and many more years of making magic happen.

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