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Just when you think you have seen it all with print ads, you find one that completely blows your mind.

This is the case with Ikea, and it’s just January.

Ikea is no stranger to generating buzz with their ads, their new ad is a pregnancy test you pee on… literally.

In their new print ad developed by the agency, Akestam Holst, women are urged to pee right on the paper. Sounds strange? Hold on, there’s a cool twist. If you’re pregnant, peeing on the ad reveals a 50% discount price on cribs.

The agency behind this, Akestam Holst, worked with Mercene Labs to create this clever ad/pregnancy-test kits. Here’s how it works;

On seeing the ad, we had so many questions and concerns… We imagined cashiers having to handle the pee-soaked coupons, the stench (ugh), would there be latex gloves involved?

However, our questions were answered as the Creative Chief, Magnus Jakobsson, explained that the ad is not a coupon. “You don’t have to bring an ad soaked in urine to Ikea to get a discount” Jakobsson says.

Was this stated in the ad? Or, are we missing something?

Moving on, we had a new set of questions; why are dads left out of this offer? How do they get to join in the fun?

Jakobsson explained that the discount is available to all members of the Ikea Family program. The Ikea Family is a loyalty program designed for everyone, they offer exclusive product discounts, special offers, and ideas. The pee ad has its target- pregnant women.

The ad simply functions as a free pregnancy test, encouraging readers who are pregnant to join the Ikea Family program and enjoy the benefits.

There is definitely a number of unusual things people would do for a good discount, but this is new. The ad has gotten so much attention, as most people think it’s very clever, others think it’s totally gross. What are your thoughts?


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  1. Laulo

    Granted it’s a little gross, but I think it’s a great idea. It also shows the synergy between the agency and the client. Akestam Holst went all the way there with this concept and client trusted them by going along with it. Love it!

    • CreativeStudios

      Hi Laulo,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      This was a risky move by the agency but it was worth it. It was indeed a great idea.
      We appreciate your comment.

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