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Hello, I’m Erons, a former intern at Creative Studios (CS). I will like to share my experience at Creative Studios and tell you why it is the best place to work.

During the holidays, I was bored at home and decided to start searching for a place I could intern at. As a Graphics Designer with no experience, I needed a place where I could learn more.

I stumbled on the vacancy post for a Graphics Designer on Stutern and decided to “try my luck”. Surprisingly, I was called for an interview. I couldn’t believe it.

At the venue, I was so nervous I thought “I would make a big fool out of myself”. However, I met Mr. Osagie Ogunbor, (the boss). He made me feel relaxed and our interview went smoothly. It was more like a chat.

I received a mail, days later, that my interview was successful and I was to resume on Monday 23rd October 2017. I was over the moon with excitement.

On my first day, I (tried) to dress to impress. I was really looking forward to working at CS. I had noticed the beautiful interior of the building and could not wait to start taking pictures and brag to my friends.

I was introduced to the team, a set of really friendly people, Laurence, Rita, Ife, Steve, Tosin , Roberta, Sam (who got interviewed with me) and later Sayo (she joined few weeks after I resumed).

Ps: There is always free food for all, to welcome new team members.

They explained in details what my job requirements were and the list of clients. It all involved designs, designs and more designs. I was extremely happy. I knew I was in the right place.

My stay at CS was a fun one indeed; we visited cool places (I didn’t know offices did that), had engaging knowledge sharing sessions (Rita was always tired of my questions), and our meetings (now I know how office meetings are done).

And our Christmas party/Secret Santa was lit. My Secret Santa (who turned out to be Sayo) got me a shirt, body spray, roll on and perfume. I was thrilled.

Having completed my internship at CS, I can boldly say that I am confident of my skills, and I have a clear vision of where I want to be in the nearest future. I believe with hardwork and diligence, I will succeed.

Designing takes practice, and I did a lot of that at CS, thanks to the vast number of clients and projects we had to work on. I learnt to try new things.

On my last day at the office, I was thrown a sendoff party. It was such an emotional moment for me. Everyone had good things to say about me (surprisingly). There was food, and lots of drinks and so much to talk about.

The climax of the event was when I was presented a gift by the management, I opened it to find a brand new phone. I literally had tears in my eyes.

It felt so good to know I was really appreciated and loved by not only my colleagues but also my boss.

To my boss, I want to say thank you for accepting me into the team and training me to be a better designer. To my colleagues, thank you for treating me as a friend, a brother and as one of you (I never felt like an intern).

If given an opportunity to intern there again, I would do it, again and again.

I will definitely miss Creative Studios.

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