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Proofreading Signs You May Need

So yeah, this post on ‘proofreading signs’ might not be of immediate interest to everyone because it may not be regarded as valuable or important. However, it’s worth bookmarking for reference sake, and for general posterity. Why?

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Back in the day—yes say 10-15 years ago, before the computers replaced office equipment like the typewriter, manual paste-up using hot wax and galleys of type on bromide, plate-making and the somewhat tedious responsibility of proof reading. Thinking of what proofreading was back then, gives us the jitters.

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So to us, this post is a throwback of sorts to remind us where we used to be and how far we’ve come as an industry, also, it wouldn’t hurt to be re familiarized with them.

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Not sure many people use them now given the automation of spell and grammar checkers; however, you never know when you might get some text supplied by a client, with some funny marks on.

If you bookmark this, then at least you’ll not have to call the client and ask them to translate!

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