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Royalty-Free music sites for video creators

In the fast-paced world we live in, it is crucial to find new, unique ways to make your products/services stand out in the crowd. Video marketing is the way forward. It is a powerful and effective part of marketing strategy.

The process of getting good video content can be hectic especially when it comes to getting royalty-free music. There’s nothing more annoying than working hard all day on a video only to have YouTube or Facebook take it down because of a music copyright violation.

If you are into video content creation, you understand that finding free legal music for your online videos can be difficult as you want to make sure you don’t break any copyright laws. We gathered a list of sites for finding free music for your online videos.


This site has lots of music, categorized by genre. The music on the site is free to use for your video soundtrack. All you have to do is place a credit within the video. You can find all kinds of music from horror to rock, pop and many more.


This is another site that provides royalty free tracks for use in films, YouTube videos, games, and other multimedia productions. Some of the music are not free, however, a lot of them are free and can be easily downloaded.


This site offers a great selection of licensed music. If you’re using it in a non-commercial or non-profit production, it is free.

PublicDomain 4U

This is a great site for finding public domain music to download. There are lots of old music that have not had their copyright renewed, they can be found in the public domain. There are also modern music that are free with artist permission.


Soundcloud has a special section for tracks that were uploaded under a Creative Commons license. This means you’re free to use them as long as you follow the guidelines established by the artist. This is a good place to find tracks that don’t sound like background music.

Have you used any of the following sites? If not, what sites do you recommend?

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