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March 16, 2018 CreativeStudios


As much as we love to have fun, eat and drink, we don’t joke with our health. Thanks to our Client Services Executive/Office Manager, Laurence. She makes sure everyone stays fit and healthy.

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Every quarter of the year, we visit the gym to shake off all the calories we may have gathered over the previous months, and flex some muscles. Before we set off, we drink healthy smoothies to prepare ourselves for what is to come.

It is always a fun experience, everyone gets to see how far their body can go, or how much it can take. At the end of the day, we come out feeling revived, happy and stronger (We won’t act like we don’t feel a little sore the next day though. Don’t tell Laurence).

You’re wondering why a workplace would allow this. Hold on a minute… It’s not that serious! All work and no play makes you a dull person, remember?

A recent study showed that employees can use work time for exercise and maintain the same level of productivity, or higher at work.

Workout sessions have lots of benefits for the team and the company, as a whole. Here are few reasons why we exercise;

  1. It improves productivity: Sometimes work gets boring, repetitive and tiring, you need something to boost the team’s morale. Try exercise. When you do cardio, your brain sends signals to help you breathe faster and deeper, delivering extra oxygen to your muscles, causing you to feel pumped and ready for work.
  2. It is essential for good health: We don’t want an unhealthy team… Simple. When one member of the team is unhealthy, it affects the whole team in one way or another. A healthy team makes a happy team, which in turn benefits the company. Exercise also reduces your chance of joint and back pain.
  3. Team bonding: Our workout sessions help the team bond and build community. Group activities that involve health and fitness bring a team together. Nobody wants a hostile environment.

Other benefits include; improved physical fitness, weight loss, a sense of accomplishment, less stress among others.

Do you know the best part? You get an incentive from the company if you push yourself hard. This makes everyone take the workout session serious.

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Our workout winners, Ife and Oyin

Join us in this ‘fitfam’ journey, create a plan to promote healthy living among the team, and watch the business have a more positive image.

Are there things your company does to boost the team’s morale? Please share with us in comments below

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  1. Laulo

    Go team!!!
    Congrats Ife and Oyin. We’re coming for your titles next time. :p

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