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Hello designer. Yes, you. You are doing amazing!

Build on what you know, and become a better designer in 2018.

Are you ready to push yourself? You can do this either by learning something new, trying a different type of project, or taking note of feedback and criticism.

Design and designers are constantly changing, growing and evolving. You should too.

Let’s do this together, take the tips below to heart;

  1. Learn a new technique or skill:

As a designer, growing starts with continued education whether formal or on your own. There are helpful tutorials available online, if you have a few hours to spare, find a tutorial that will help you to learn something new, or to expand on the skills you already have.

Check out sites like DesignTuts, CodeTuts+, and WebDesignTuts+ are excellent places to find tutorials.

  1. Take on a fun or personal project:

Sometimes your daily routine doesn’t allow you to grow the way you want to. Have you been trying to test your hand on other styles, but that’s not what your organization is into? Take that concept on as a personal project.

Refresh/update your portfolio using a new style/technique or offer to help a friend with a small project.

  1. Collaborate:

When you’re working with other designers or co-workers, try to team up as much as possible. Sometimes, we get too stuck in our own world and forget to see what else is happening around us.

It’s good to learn from one another.

  1. Get organized:

Organization will help you feel calm and comfortable in your workspace and make you work efficiently. If your desk is already messy, this might seem a little overwhelming. Get organized by creating 3 folders – current, approved and trash files.

  1. Create a cover of an iconic design:

Try to replicate an iconic design, with a touch of your style. It will make you design elements that you might not commonly use. Sharpen your skills for identifying and matching colors and typefaces.

  1. Focus on the story:

The best designs come from projects where the team really understands the story behind the project. When thinking about the design, submerge yourself in the story of the brand/message of the project. Learn as much as you can before you start to sketch out an outline.

Every project has a story.

Do you have other tips that were not mentioned above? Please share in comments below.


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