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December 20, 2019 Creative Studios

Top 5 Social Media trends in 2020

Predicting the future of social media is always interesting. The sector is always changing, whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, each platform has its unique trends. New tools and utilities are constantly rolled out, adding more ways to connect, track and maximize your online presence.

With more people joining social media daily, the opportunity to reach a wider audience is key for every business. Every year different trends come and go, some fun and engaging, while some fade away very fast.

In this article, we will try to predict the social media trends that you should be on the lookout for in 2020.

  1. Video content will dominate: Video content has been on the rise for decades. With the birth of YouTube, videos have become much more accessible to people across the world. Everyone loves to watch videos, it could be a TV show, movie, or content from your favorite YouTuber or influencer.

These platforms have also seen a massive influx of ads this year. With the possible introduction of 5G, you will be able to stream online content faster than ever. This is great news for anyone involved in online video advertising.

  • Chatbots: When introduced, customers were only answered with prewritten statements to questions brands thought were common while using keywords to activate the bot. Recently algorithms are improving chatbots’ effectiveness by “understanding” what users are writing to them. Brands no longer have to stock the bots with generic answers, as chatbots can surf the web to find the answers consumers are seeking.

In 2020, we are predicting that more brands will make more use of chatbots for their business interactions with their customers.

  • The potential demise of influencer marketing: Some of the largest social media networks in the world like Instagram, have teased and have been testing the possibility of hiding the like option from its users, to curb cyberbullying and harassment.

This poses a problem for brands that pay influencers huge sums of money to promote their products, as they can’t track the success of a campaign. Although theorists believe Instagram is only doing this to earn more money, a scenario where Instagram successfully removes likes and gets more marketers to move to their ads feature could be transformative for social media marketing. This will not only affect influencers but may also encourage other social networks to make such moves.

  • Niche social platforms will do well: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have long dominated social media as the largest and most popular platforms. However, in recent years, several other niche social media platforms have not only emerged but have significantly risen to fame.

For example, B2B companies prefer LinkedIn for their social media initiatives. Several such alternative social media platforms are gaining popularity and will continue doing so in 2020 and beyond.

  • More Regulatory Control and Legal Scrutiny: While there are numerous benefits of social media, there are negatives. Data privacy and security are issues that have made the headlines for social networks like Facebook. Social media can easily be used to gather and misuse personal information. There are also allegations that certain social networks sell their user data to other companies.

In light of this, social networks and regulatory bodies will tighten their rules and put more policies in place. So, be ready for more regulations and restrictions on all platforms.

At Creative Studios, we are well equipped to help guide your business through the social media terrain. So, in the new year, give us a call and let us help give your business the voice it needs.

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