February 16, 2018 CreativeStudios

Our Top 5 Valentine’s Day Ads

Love is not only in the air! It’s on the airwaves too.

We bring you our favorite Valentine’s Day ads.

Parisian love by Google

Google tells an epic love story within the simple framework of the search window.

Burger King (France)

The fast food giant came up with a new lid for its soft drinks cup that allowed couples to use two straws to share a drink.


The Durex ad cuts through the clichés, literally, it shows a couple mowing down circles in a field of roses, then crashing into each other.


The brand promoted a ‘Valen-Dine’ in event on Facebook, to which people were asked to show their interest to win a ‘box of love’.


The delivery app’s brand stars Kevin, a single man (third wheel), who is “soul-crushingly alone”.

What are your thoughts? Any favorite? Share in the comments below or on any of our social media platforms.

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